Slow Down Osteoarthritis With a Valuable Biology Hack

There isn’t a fountain of youth on this earth, but one exists inside of you, and it’s called autophagy, which is the body’s natural and biological ability to heal itself and slow down the aging process. Join My Newsletter For A FREE Sample Of My Premium Arthritis Content – The Ultimate Gout Diet!   You […]

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A Healthy and Pain-Free Osteoarthritis Lifestyle Is Possible

Osteoarthritis (OA) might be the most common kind of the myriad of types that exist, but it’s also quite bothersome as it disrupts the golden years, which should be the best part of your life. Join My Newsletter For A FREE Sample Of My Premium Arthritis Content – The Ultimate Gout Diet!   You can […]

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Arthritis Nutrition Is as Close as the Mediterranean Sea

Take your tastebuds on a journey that crosses the Atlantic Ocean to a place filled with colors, vibrancy, and 21 countries offering bursts of flavor and healthy foods that provide the key to better managing multiple types of arthritis. The Mediterranean Sea is a stretch that separates Europe and Africa, and the foods can blow […]

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Are There Special Diets Suited For Arthritis Sufferers?

The DASH diet has certainly gained lots of notice lately, but it also provides a means to an end for arthritis sufferers. It also includes many of the excellent ingredients that can possibly reduce inflammation and help manage arthritis better. Inflammation is the cause of various types of arthritis, and this fad diet decreases the […]

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Diabetic Diet: What You Absolutely Must Avoid at All Costs

There’s a sad truth amidst us, and it’s that food has become so overly processed, sprayed with chemicals, and pumped with enough additives it could make a grown man cry. They really should put a sticker on most of these foods that reads, “Poison!” Our bodies, endocrine systems, immune systems, stomach, and cells were not […]

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Diabetic Nutrition and Superfoods to Cure the Curse

Finding out that you have type two diabetes is like kicking your toe against the coffee table. The condition is manageable, but it pains your life, from eating out with friends to sticking yourself with a needle. However, not only is the condition easy to manage with the right foods; it’s also reversible if you […]

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Diabetic Freedom: The Ultimate Manual to Reverse Diabetes

Who best to tell you about finding freedom than someone who’s been there and done that? George Reilley suffered from diabetes type two, but he wasn’t prepared to keep living with the restrictions that came with it. He wrote an excellent manual on controlling diabetes in which he shared his story about how he reversed […]

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Use Natural Remedies to Kick Diabetes Out of the Park!

People tend to think that combating diabetes involves medication and endless finger-pricking, but that doesn’t have to be true. Prediabetes, insulin resistance, and type two diabetes can be squashed with natural methods as well. It starts with healthy eating, keeping the gut happy, and igniting autophagy for self-healing, but there are still a few more […]

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Improve Diabetes by Eating Food That Feeds the Microbiome

It’s funny how most challenges in life start and end in the stomach. You have trillions of tiny living organisms that make up the gut microbiome, and these organisms are critical to your homeostasis. Gut health is vital to your desire to improve and possibly cure your diabetes for good. Instead, you keep feeding the […]

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Learn How to Treat Diabetes Naturally With a Healthy Gut

The word ‘bacteria’ has always come with negative connotations, but when your doctor mentions the importance of “gut health,” the reference is to the myriad of bacteria in it. If only you knew sooner that this simple microbiome is linked to diseases from obesity to polio, and especially diabetes type two. While your body is […]

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