Use Keto Nutrition to Eliminate Diabetes Naturally

Everyone’s raving about the keto diet, and here you are pricking your skin with endless needles, popping enough metformin to make you nauseous, and wishing you could join the nutrition trend taking the world by storm. Guess what? The keto diet has been designed to promote autophagy, so you’re in luck. Even if you are […]

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Reverse Diabetes With Intermittent Fasting for Quick Results

Your family cringes every time you skip a meal, and it seems like everyone becomes paranoid if your blood sugar levels drop. You’re getting so sick of pricking your fingers and keeping track of your numbers. Enter the cavalry, and stop stressing. Sometimes, it’s good to skip a meal under controlled and planned measures. It […]

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The Power of Diabetic Self-Healing and the Art of Autophagy

It’s time to learn about the delicate body’s ability to magically transform and repair itself after a decline. It might sound like a fantasy, but how do you think ancient cultures sustained optimal health for millennia? The body has everything it needs to restore itself, including every cell that makes up a particle of life. […]

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Understanding Insulin Resistance Supports Natural Healing

So, you’ve been told that you’re insulin resistant, but did anyone care to tell you what that is? Often, prescriptions are handed out, and no additional advice such as natural healing is recommended. It’s like telling you to solve a math problem without giving you the formula or even the numbers. All you know is […]

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