Understanding Insulin Resistance Supports Natural Healing

So, you’ve been told that you’re insulin resistant, but did anyone care to tell you what that is?

Often, prescriptions are handed out, and no additional advice such as natural healing is recommended.

It’s like telling you to solve a math problem without giving you the formula or even the numbers. All you know is the answer, but everything in between is missing.

Understanding insulin resistance is not so easy to grasp.

Unfortunately, most doctors fail to tell you that medication isn’t and shouldn’t be the first answer.


The Delicate Human Body

Insulin resistance is a byproduct of a failed system, one that is perfectly capable of fixing itself. Insulin isn’t a miracle drug or magical phenomenon. It’s a natural hormone that the pancreas produces.

The entire body, every organ, and every ounce of tissue is made of billions of cells. The pancreas contains pancreatic β cells that produce insulin to counter glucose and turn it into energy.

Lifestyle choices, harmful products, and even genetics see our cells degenerate over time. These choices include:

1.   Your fitness level
2.   Weight
3.   Stress
4.   The foods you eat
5.   Medications prescribed by doctors as a free-for-all
6.   Consuming heaps of sugar
7.   Overindulging in simple carbs and empty calories

Other medical conditions also knock your insulin like a runaway driver, and they include:

1.   Obesity
2.   High blood pressure
3.   Polycystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS)

The causes are endless, but that’s only because every cell in the body can impact another one. They’re all connected like conjoined twins. One complements another, and one fallen cell can drag another to its demise.



How Does This Make You Resistant?

The fact that your cells are so delicate and susceptible is the reason why they break down easily. Cells are like toddlers who must be protected with the best nutrition, taught how to be independent, and learn how to solve problems.

Every cell has three main components among others—the membrane or intelligent, self-learning outer layer, the cytoplasm that contains mitochondria to process fat and carbs into energy, and the nucleus that is the center of the cell.

Cells in the liver, pancreas, muscular tissues, and other digestive regions will open the membrane to expose the mitochondria when your blood glucose levels rise after eating. Insulin is released to help the mitochondria turn carbs into energy.

Someone who lives on sugar mountain, feeding the cells with an endless stream of refined sugars, simple carbs, and empty calories is overworking the mitochondria. Any life form can only handle so much pressure before it breaks down.

With the cytoplasm damaged, the cell refuses to expose the mitochondria to process carbs anymore. Your insulin can’t penetrate the outer layer, and you’re officially insulin resistant with a bonus of mad glucose levels in your bloodstream.



You’re probably stressed by all of this and beginning to wonder how can this possibly be reversed? While diabetic medication won’t reverse it, returning the body to its natural state will.

Autophagy is one method of restoring the balance. Cells have a mind of their own, which is why the outer layer is called the intelligent membrane. Changing simple habits in your life will open your cells to incredible changes.

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