The Power of Diabetic Self-Healing and the Art of Autophagy

It’s time to learn about the delicate body’s ability to magically transform and repair itself after a decline.

It might sound like a fantasy, but how do you think ancient cultures sustained optimal health for millennia?

The body has everything it needs to restore itself, including every cell that makes up a particle of life.

Insulin resistance, prediabetes, and diabetes type two are merely a consequence of harming the natural self-healing abilities that your body already possesses.


Blow Your Mind With Autophagy

The term ‘autophagy’ translates directly to self-eating, meaning that your body has cannibalistic tendencies.

The membrane that surrounds every cell in your body is slightly more intelligent and sneakier than you think. It can self-devour another cell that’s damaged, much like a cannibal eats his prey.

The thought is frightening, but it’s a natural regeneration that happens within the human body from the day you’re born.

Psychology explains why autophagy is activated because it starts in the brain. The first and foremost primal instinct every human possesses is to survive and preserve themselves.

It started when cavemen hunted their prey, and it continues when adrenaline is released into the body to alert us to danger. It also activates the immune system and causes pain and inflammation around an injured site.

Self-preservation can be detrimental if it gets out of hand like when people suffer from inflammatory conditions, chronic stress, and cardiovascular problems. Inflammation can even cause endless problems when the immune system overreacts.

However, this same instinct is used to preserve the body. The intelligent part of one cell notices that another cell is too damaged, and it consumes the cell to create a newer, improved structure.

Simply put, autophagy is the body’s method of regenerating diseased cells, restoring functions, and renewing balance.



Are There Any Risks Involved For Diabetics?

The Experimental and Clinical Sciences Journal published a study to confirm that autophagy can reverse diabetes type two and insulin resistance. Diabetes is a disorder in the endocrine system, connecting the brain and every part of the body.

Switching your body’s natural defenses back on is one powerful method of combating diabetic problems and rejuvenating the cells to accept insulin again. The only people warned against ketogenic autophagy are type one diabetics.

If your blood glucose levels are reading 240 milligrams per deciliter (mg/dl) or higher, please have your urine tested for ketones first. Ketoacidosis is dangerous, and your doctor can let you know if your levels are low enough first to activate ketogenic autophagy.


Activating the Cannibalism

Certain lifestyle changes in your diet and habits can activate the process to restart after a period of dormancy. The liver will release ketones, which are created from fatty cells. These molecules are influential and will trick the cell membranes into opening up again.

Now, your cells open for energy conversion without spiking your insulin or leaving endless flows of glucose in your bloodstream. The cells restore themselves with fat instead of carbohydrates, and this is how people can burn fat through natural regeneration.

Just like that, you have a magic wand!



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